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Everest College, a truly management college, centrally located at Thapathali, Kathmandu, has been consistent in its approach to assist management students to shape habits, skills, interest, psychology not only nurturing their managerial excellence but also ensuring and inspiring them for existential life being a part of society. Everest College has been solely convinced with a destination of fostering and foregrounding the academics of present education system flavouring new ideas and strategies to meet pace with the fast changing pattern and cope with the global challenges and needs. Everest College furnishes the student with a sufficiently large amount of personal activity in occupations, expression, conversation, construction and experimentation. So that his/her individuality, moral or intellectual, shall not be swamped by a disproportionate amount of the experience of other to which books introduce him/her. Everest College provides conclusive academic environment to motivate and sharpen creativity and interactive ability. Everest College agrees that knowledge is an indispensable organ of education and aims to attend to the development of character and personality by means of their social life, game, music, drama, visual aids and enormous range of other things of out of class activities, all of which students consider part of their program. The Everest College philosophy is to provide quality education that is sound in concept, implemented by competent and dedicated faculty, and geared to serve those seeking a solid foundation in knowledge and skills required to obtain employment in their chosen fields the programs offered emphasize hand-on training, are relevant to employers’ and focus on areas that offer strong, long term employment opportunities. Everest College shall remain engaged in the process of preparing its students to fit into this complex social structure, and to play particular social roles as members of more than one institutional group. It is highly concerned with the preparation of the student for his/her future occupation in life.